We've got the results of a new survey on the SEXIEST JOBS for men . . . and somehow, "smooth voiced radio personality" got shut out AGAIN.  I hate to say it's a conspiracy, but I can't think of any other explanation.


In a definite sign of the times, the sexiest job for men is now . . . ENTREPRENEUR.  It's beating out the old, more stable careers.  Here are the top five . . .


1.  Entrepreneur, 24%.


2.  Banker or trader, 19%.


3.  Doctor, 17%.


4.  Fireman, 14%.


5.  Musician, 10%.


On the other end of the scale, pro athletes were ranked the LEAST sexy . . . their reputation has finally caught up with them, I guess.  Politicians are second-least sexy. 



(Illicit Encounters)


photo credit: le temple du chemisier via photopin cc