If you’ve ever flown coach you know what it’s like to hear screaming babies, get slept on by the guy drooling next to you, and feel the need to stretch as much as humanly possible. Now, however, you may be able to swing yourself a seat in first class.

Delta Airlines program manager Rebecca Simon tells Huffingon Post what it takes to live the high life, even if your wallet says you can’t. Hint: Do not pull a Kristen Wiig from “Bridesmaids.” Chances are you will be kicked off if you attempt anything like that.


Instead, follow these tips:


  1. Stay calm, and find a reason to upgrade. “If your flight is delayed, your seat is switched, your soft drink is flat, remind yourself that things happen. The more calm and polite you are, the happier you, and all of those other frustrated passengers around you, will be," advises Simon.
  2. Feel the situation out. If you’re on a flight from New York to Los Angeles chances are that plane is full. If you’re headed to a less metropolitan area (think Nebraska) you have much better chances.
  3. Dress the part. A thong and sweatpants and uggs aren’t going to fit the bill. If you want to sit in first classy, you have to look classy.
  4. One is the loneliest and luckiest number. You’re really only going to get an upgrade if you’re alone. An airline may not want to accommodate more than one upgrade.
  5. Embrace your inner wallflower. If you’re going to ask for the upgrade, keep your profile low. Otherwise, everyone’s going to follow suit and you’ll blow your chances of getting bumped up. If you do get the bump up, keep a low profile. A smile and a nod to say thank you will do.