There's a guy in Shanghai, China who's only been identified as "Up" . . . and it's his goal to ruin a LOT of people's Valentine's Day.


Last year, he got DUMPED by his girlfriend after they saw a popular Chinese movie called "Beijing Love Story".


And this year, there's a popular movie theater in Shanghai showing it tonight . . . and he bought EVERY OTHER SEAT.  It's one of those theaters that has assigned seating.


And since he bought every other seat, couples can't sit together.  Of course, since all the seats will be empty, they could just move together . . . but maybe the ushers won't let them?


It's not exactly clear what the point of this mission is . . . it seems to be somewhere at the intersection of wanting to pull a massive prank and being super bitter. 



(Daily Mail)

photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc