I get asked to send in voice work to for artists to read for the station. They record it and we play it when their songs play on the air. An example would be when we play a Lady Gaga song and she says "Hi this is Lady Gaga and you're listening to Kiss 107."

Drake's record label asked me if I would write a couple things for Drake to read for the station and I decided to be creative and have fun with it, so when you're listening you'll be entertained. Here is some copy that Drake refused to read!!!


"He's got that 24/7 Kool-Aid mustache... You fancy huh? You're listening to Jare on Kiss 107"

"Yo, what up it's your boy Drizzy Drake. Kiss 107 is playing my new song 'Hold On We're Going Home' I thought of this song while rushing home from eating too much taco bell."

"You're listening to Jare on Kiss 107. While he's poking me on Facebook, I'm poking his mom."


What a baby!