A 16-year-old high school student in England named Musharaf Asghar was worried he wouldn't get into college recently, mainly because he has a STUTTER . . . and public speaking accounted for 20% of his English final.



So his English teacher, Matthew Burton, tried a technique from the 2010 movie "The King's Speech" . . . where Colin Firth's character has to deal with a stuttering problem.



He asked Musharaf to listen to music on an iPod while he tried to read out loud, sort of like what happens in the movie.  And amazingly, it WORKED, almost IMMEDIATELY.



The story was part of a documentary called "Educating Yorkshire", which just aired in Britain.  And there's a pretty inspiring clip from it online.



In the end, Musharaf passed English, and gave a speech in front of 200 classmates, who were surprisingly supportive for high school kids.  Some of them even CRIED.



Today, Musharaf still stutters, but says it's 80% better than it was.  And he's currently in junior college, with hopes of someday being a teacher.



(Daily Mail / Mirror)