CareerBuilder also asked employers for the most ridiculous EXCUSES people have used to get out of work in the past year.  Here are the top ten.



1.  My false teeth flew out the window while I was driving.


2.  My favorite football team lost on Sunday, and I needed Monday to recover.


3.  I'm grouchy because I'm trying to quit smoking.


4.  Someone glued my doors and windows shut, and I can't get out of my house.


5.  I bit my tongue, and I can't talk.


6.  My car was surrounded by a swarm of BEES.


7.  I ate too much turkey and fell asleep before my shift.


8.  I need to finish my Christmas shopping.


9.  I can't get my glass eye to stay in.


10.  I couldn't decide on what to wear.



(PR Newswire)