There's something sweet about this next criminal . . . but it's buried under a MASSIVE pile of idiocy.



22-year-old Ramsey Fakhouri of Troy, Michigan was in a long-distance relationship with a woman in East St. Louis, Illinois who he'd met in college.  And he wanted to propose, but couldn't afford a ring.



Luckily his girlfriend worked at a bank, and he knew how the bank's drive-thru ATMs were stocked.



So this past Valentine's Day, he and a friend drove to the bank in Illinois.  And when the manager was restocking the ATMs outside, he ran up with a pellet gun and stole about $26,000.  Then they headed back to Michigan.



Unfortunately for him, surveillance cameras got a decent shot of him after the robbery . . . and when the cops sent the photos to the media about a week later, Ramsey's girlfriend recognized him.  And she turned him in immediately.



Ramsey was just sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison. 



(ABC 7 - Chicago