We've got a map here showing people's FAVORITE BEER in every state, and there are two big conclusions . . . who knew Blue Moon and Yuengling were THIS popular?


Blue Moon is number one in 18 states . . . that's the most of any beer. 

Bud Light claimed the second-most states, with 12.  Yuengling is the most popular in seven states and Washington D.C 

Sam Adams is the most popular in eight states, including all of the states in the northeast.  Corona came in first in two states, California and Hawaii.


Coors Light is number one in two states, but didn't even win Colorado . . . that went to Blue Moon.  And finally, Miller Lite only won its home state, Wisconsin.

(For Hangovers)



(Check out the map here.  You can see the top three beers for every state, plus the most popular cocktail and shot.)