The customer isn't ALWAYS right . . . especially when you see them doing something horribly WRONG.

Jackie Conners is a waitress at a restaurant in Conway, Arkansas called Gusano's Pizzeria.  And last week, she saw a woman breastfeeding her child . . . while drinking a TON of alcohol. 

Jackie says, quote, "Me being a mom, and just seeing something like that and seeing a baby that can't speak for itself having a parent do something like that is just unacceptable."  So she called the COPS.

 The mother was 28-year-old Tasha Adams of Conway . . . she was arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor.  Her seven-month-old is now with family members.

 But a few days later, Jackie was FIRED.  She says it was because she called the cops on the customer . . . the restaurant says it was for a different reason, but wouldn't say what the other reason was.

 (Arkansas Matters)