On Thursday, a junior high school student in Salem, Oregon named Halsey Parkerson was meeting his aunt for lunch.  And when she showed up at his school, she saw a student BULLYING him and saying he didn't have any friends.



Which is when his aunt decided to DO something about it and prove the bully wrong.  So she got on Facebook and started contacting people.



And the next day, she showed up to Halsey's school with a HUNDRED other people, who literally stood behind him while he confronted the bully.



In the end, the bully apologized, admitted he was wrong, and actually HIGH-FIVED Halsey.  And someone told the local news beforehand, so they got it all on tape.



Apparently the school had no idea what was going on.  And they started to get worried when they saw around 50 cars show up in the parking lot.  But when the principal found out WHY they were there, he let it happen.



Halsey described the whole thing as "glorious."  And he said the next time someone tries to bully him, he'll hold his head high, and tell them he has too many friends to waste time worrying about what some IDIOT has to say about him.






(Check out a photo of Halsey here, and watch the video here.)