I know some people are into the whole sex-in-public thing.  And I get that the risk is part of the turn-on.  But at least make sure you're not risking your LIFE.



A couple in central Spain was getting-it-on on top of a boarded up WELL on Friday.  And apparently they were going at it pretty good, because they ended up dislodging some of the boards . . . and the girl FELL IN.



The well was somewhere between 30 and 50 feet deep, but she survived the fall and ended up in freezing cold water.  And instead of helping her somehow . . . the guy TOOK OFF.



Police got an anonymous call soon afterward though, which was probably him.  Then they found the girl half-naked and rescued her.



She was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for hypothermia and released.  It's not clear if she and the guy are still together. 



(The Local / Newser)