In case you've run out of ways to describe how friggin' cold it is, here's a new one:  It's worse than PRISON. 

On Sunday, a 42-year-old inmate in Lexington, Kentucky named Robert Vick broke out of jail, wearing only his prison-issued clothes and a jacket.

Which was WAY underdressed, considering the temperature in Lexington was in the single digits.  So he broke into an abandoned farmhouse, stole some clothes, and spent the night in a barn.

But overnight it got down to NEGATIVE TWENTY with the wind chill factor.  And by the next day, he'd had enough.  So he walked to a nearby motel . . . and asked them to call the COPS on him. 

Paramedics checked him out, and then brought him back to jail.  He's currently serving a six-year sentence for burglary, and five years on other charges.  It's not clear if he'll get more time for escaping.


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