I feel like most people give mothers a break when their kids act up in public.  Unless it's on a plane.  Then all bets are off.  But regardless of how people react, it's still hard not to be embarrassed when your kid is doing something crazy.



A new survey came up with the top 10 most embarrassing moments for moms.  Check 'em out . . .



1.  Your child having a tantrum in public.


2.  Your child telling an embarrassing truth to an adult.


3.  Your child throwing up in public.


4.  Getting a call from the school telling you your kid is in trouble for bad behavior.


5.  Your child pooping in a swimming pool.


6.  Your child eating food at the grocery store you haven't paid for yet.


7.  Accidentally pulling a kid's toy out of your purse when you were reaching for your phone.


8.  Your child asking in public about how babies are made.


9.  Being told your child spread lice at school.


10.  Accidentally locking yourself out of your car when your child is inside.