(Florence, Ky.)--Several callers to the 700 WLW news room overnight said that there were "black ops" helicopters flying over the Florence area.  Our news partners at Fox 19 said they received calls as well.  Callers said that they spotted at least two choppers,  and they were running without lights. 

Callers said the helicopters circled an area near I-75 and U.S. 42.

A check with the Boone County dispatch center confirmed that there were indeed "black ops" helicopters flying in the area. 

The dispatcher said the choppers were from Fort Campbell, and were cleared to conduct exercises over the Greater Cincinnati area.  She said the helicopters were using Lunken Airport as a base. 

In a brief statement, the Army said it had coordinated the exercise with appropriate leaders. It added that it was taking steps to make sure the safety of the personnel and the public was maintained. 

The dispatcher said there was no explanation of the exercises.