(Silverton) Silverton Council Member Mark Quarry said the village can no longer afford its police force. That's why city council is moving to use the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department for its law enforcement. He said the city downgraded to a village with a decrease in population, which led to decreased revenues. Then, Quarry said, the state cut funds to municipalities.  Quarry told 55KRC's Brian Thomas that Silverton is spending half of its budget on the police department, that is currently being supplemented by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department. The councilman said the money is desperately needed for repairing infrastructure, including the city's dilapidated roads. He said although the city has a $1.3 million surplus, it should be used for fixing the roads not police. Quarry said if the move goes forward Silverton officers will be transferred to the Sheriff's Department and will be allowed to continue to patrol Silverton. Two town hall meetings will be held this week for public input. Monday and Wednesday night at 7 p.m. at Silverton Paideia Elementary.