( Pendleton ) The Horseshoe Casino's new marquee sign will be permanently illuminated on Friday, May 3.  Installation of the 80 foot sign, which has occurred over the past three weeks, is culminating this week with final testing of the lighting.  

To minimize the impact of environmental light, the marquee sign was designed with new Dynamic LED light bars that illuminate by saturating the sign with vivid color rather than traditional neon signs that project light.  The sign draws minimal power through its use of low voltage, low wattage and high brightness LED lamps designed to draw fewer amps than traditional LED digital displays. 

The Dynamic LED system is capable of producing 4.4 trillion colors, allowing Horseshoe Cincinnati to change and customize the sign for holidays and special events.  The marquee sign is located adjacent to the casino’s self-park garage entrance along

Gilbert Road
 next to Interstate 71. 

Horseshoe Cincinnati officials shared signage designs and plans with neighborhood Community Councils prior to receiving City Council approval for the 23-acre site signage package last December. The marquee was built by Gable Signs of Baltimore, MD.