(Queensgate) -- The panel that steers the Cincinnati Museum Center has a dilemma.  Should they make do, or start over.

The Board of Trustees met Wednesday afternoon, as they try to decide how to move forward, now that the Icon tax won't be on the ballot as originally conceived.  It was meant to give voters a say on fixing up Union Terminal and Music Hall.  The proposal was for a 14-year, quarter cent sales tax, estimated to raise $330 million.

But County Commissioners, Chris Monzel and Greg Hartmann would only approve a 5-year sales tax measure, and it would only cover the Museum Center.  It would generate an estimated $170 million for repairs and renovations at Union Terminal. 

But, costs for that work are projected to be closer to $208 million.

The question before Trustees is, should they support the measure and make do, oppose it and start over again, or perhaps find another option.  If they oppose the measure, they'll be back at square one, and the building will be another year older, and the costs of renovation could go up. 

It's not clear if Wednesday's meeting would produce a solution for the Museum.