A six-page internal memo from the Walker Parking Consultants has surfaced weeks after the city of Cincinnati’s parking plan was approved.

The memo, was reportedly kept from City Council and the Port Authority until after the lease was signed.

In the memo, Walker Parking Consultants claim that the cost expenses to maintain the parking meters are higher than the city has experienced in the past

The memo states that ParkCincy, the company who is going to take over the parking meter system and the operation of the city’s garages, claims that the budget is expected to increase 257% more money from meters than the city has seen. Walker Parking Consultants are trying to find ways to reduce the budget.

The memo was dated June 20 and the officials of the Port of the Greater Cincinnati Development Authority signed it a few days later.  

If the memo had been in front of city government officials during their voting process, then the outcome of the vote may have changed.

In an email sent to 700 WLW, COAST, a local conservative group said, “The City administration did not think it important to share the contents of the memo with members of Council, Of course not; a majority of them are reliable votes for the Mayor's perverse agenda of bankrupting the City, and they are not allowed to ask questions.”

Walker Parking Consultants’, John Dorsett wrote the memo and then it was given to Odis Jones and Sam Stevens in Cincinnati’s Economic Development Department.

In an email sent to 700 WLW Cincinnati City Councilman Christopher Smitherman said, “We now find ourselves in what looks like a cover-up of critical information from the public and perhaps from some members of council.  I hope the public will read the enclosed document.”