(Cincinnati) -- Greater Cincinnati Water Works wanted to raise water rates by 7.5%, but Vice Mayor David Mann suggested a 4% hike. 

The water company's proposal would only affect customers in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. The increase is a result of customers using less water because of conservation efforts. Water Works leaders said that operational and infrastructure expenses are staying the same, while bills are decreasing. 

But, there were not enough votes for either the 7.5% or for the 4% proposal.

Councilmember Yvette Simpson warned fellow members not to be "short sighted".  She said they could approve the lower hike now, and be forced to raise rates by 11% next year, to meet demand for infrastructure improvements.

But, Mann suggested Water Works needed to be more creative in finding efficiencies, citing nearly ten years of increased rates.

While City Council did not approve a hike, they could still revisit the issue before the end of the month.