(Cincinnati) Former Xavier Soccer player Neil Henley claims in a lawsuit against the university he suffered a severe concussion in a team hazing day in which he had been drinking underage.

"Neil doesn't have much recollection what happened that day, from reports that we heard, there were many instances where he received injuries to his head,' said Attorney Brian Goldwasser "the reports we have is that he struck his head on a wall, is that he fell down a flight of stairs, he was forced to carry a keg of beer upstairs and fell, at one point he hit his head to the point he was unconscious."

Attorney Brian Goldwasser said speaking to Sterling on 700WLW,  Henley was treated for a concussion but then was allowed back in the game too soon.

"What is suppose to happen is there suppose to be medical clearance before an athlete is allowed to return to field, there supposed to undergo another impact test, and they are suppose to return to their baseline before being cleared, but that was never done," said Goldwasser.

Goldwasser said Henley was injured further during play. He said that caused long term effects of post consusion syndrom that he said Henley now suffers from. Goldwasser said Henley's grades began to fall as a result of his injury which then resulted in him losing his sports scholarship to Xavier. Henley now lives with his parents and has had to stop attending classes at the University of Louisville because of his symptoms. Xavier University denies Henley's claims and are fighting the lawsuit.