(Cincinnati) -- After a wave of violence in January, Mayor John Cranley pledged to put more officers on the streets of Cincinnati.  He promised to fund a recruit class, to re-form a gang unit, and to make immediate hires.

Through a move called "lateral transfers", Cincinnati Police has been recruiting officers from other jurisdictions in Ohio.  23 officers responded to the City's letter of acceptance, and are undergoing physical examinations this week.  Those that pass, will begin training May 7th.  And passing that, they'll be on patrol in early July.

Hiring from other communities means those officers have already passed the State's tests, and are certified peace officers.  Now, they just have to learn the regulations, laws, and procedures specific to Cincinnati.

Mayor John Cranley says he hasn't heard complaints that Cincinnati was "stealing" officers from other communities.  He says if the City is safer, the region will be safer.