I'm going out on a limb here . . . but I'm GUESSING there's some overlap between people who own a TON of cats and read books like "Twilight".  And it's a big day for them.


Apparently, people are now breeding CATS that look like WEREWOLVES.  And also, weirdly enough, they behave like dogs.  This all has a very "Island of Dr. Moreau" vibe to it.


The cats are called LYKOI CATS.  (Pronounced lie-coy.)  The breeders say their werewolf look and dog personalities came from a natural genetic mutation . . . but to make sure they look as much like werewolves as possible, it's best to breed one with a black cat.


We don't really want to get into the ethics of paying a bunch of money for this cat when there are thousands of rescue cats being killed at shelters every day . . . but if you do want a werewolf cat, it's going to cost you a TON.


None of the breeders are even willing to reveal prices . . . they just say these cats are extremely rare and most are kept for breeding.  Although if you ask us, they don't really even look like werewolves.