If you're on a first date with a woman, and you're trying to figure out the one thing that'll get her into bed, apparently the answer is . . . four more dates.


According to a new survey, the average woman now wants FIVE DATES before hooking up for the first time.  And there are a bunch of OTHER things on her checklist too.  Here are the ten things women want to happen before they'll get it on.



1.  Five dates.


2.  Two gifts.


3.  Five messages on social media . . . meaning Facebook, Twitter, or a dating website.


4.  12 text messages.


5.  Five phone calls.


6.  Three movies.


7.  Seven kisses.


8.  Five meaningful conversations.  Which is probably the TOUGHEST one on the list.


9.  Four meals together.


10.  One bouquet of flowers. 


(Daily Mail)

photo credit: Today is a good day via photopin cc