No one knows dating like people who hang out on Internet message boards, right?

We found a discussion online about all the little things you shouldn't forget to do when you're getting ready for a date . . . and pulled out seven decent pieces of advice.  Check 'em out . . .

1.  If you're depending on the other person for a ride home, always have an alternate plan.

2.  Make sure to think about the stuff the person actually TOLD you . . . versus the stuff you found out while you were stalking them on Facebook.

3.  Your cologne or perfume should be a pleasant surprise when the other person gets close . . . not something they can smell from 20 feet away.

4.  Brush your teeth, even if you've already brushed them that day.  And if you're a guy, cut your nails . . . women NOTICE long nails.

5.  Make a plan.  It's awful to ask someone on a date, then say, "So, what do you want to do?" once the date starts.

6.  Have an excuse ready in case you have to leave early.  Something better than, "I have to work tomorrow."

7.  Poop beforehand.