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Remember when you'd guess how long it would take to become a couple based on the number of DATES you went on?  Things have changed, grandpa.

A new study has figured out how long it takes to go from meeting someone to becoming a couple . . . all based on how you communicate with technology.

The study found it takes an average of 163 text messages . . . 70 Facebook messages . . . 37 emails . . . and 30 old-fashioned phone calls to become a couple.

For people under 25, all of that happens in just 24 days.  As people get older, it takes longer . . . up to two-and-a-half months for people over 55.

The study also found people exchange 224 tweets before they become a couple, which seems high, because Twitter isn't quite as popular as Facebook . . . but if you're both on Twitter, maybe you'll tweet back and forth a lot. 



(Daily Mail)