62-year-old Edward Smith of Yelm, Washington is a mechaphile.  Which means he's attracted to CARS . . . and has SEX with them.

Edward says over the past 45 years, he's had sex with about ONE THOUSAND CARS.  He's gone for all different makes and models, and even had sex with a few helicopters too.  He lost his virginity to his neighbor's Volkswagen Beetle.

We don't know exactly HOW he has sex with them . . . whether it's just grinding against them, or it involves the exhaust pipe.

But we do know he's also had sex with exactly one HUMAN female.

And now that he's 62, he's finally ready to settle down . . . with a car.

It's another Volkswagen Beetle . . . although not the one he started his sexual journey with.  She's white, and he named her Vanilla.

Edward says, quote, "I would say it's extremely satisfying but at times a little [sad] because I know she cannot talk to me.  But overall I know she feels what I feel and it's intense."



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