Listener email to Danni:

Hi Danni! I listen to the show every day and wanted to say welcome! I really think you make a great addition. We got to learn a lot about Sarah over the years and I was wondering if you could share some things about you so we could get to know you too! How old you are, where you are from...stuff like that! 
PS. Were you really on Bridezillas?!

Hey Jenny! Thank you soooooo much! I am super excited to be a part of the team! Hmmmm stuff you should know about me... I am 28 and I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota. I consider myself a "Twindividual"- I would much rather be hanging out with people then being by myself.  I have a husband who I absolutely adore most days :) I have a beautiful little girl named MJ who keeps me on my toes. Yes, I was on the show bridezillas but I promise I am nothing like that LOL! I love Mark Wahlberg, I have since I was 14 and I defend Beyonce like she is my family. 

Thank you again for the note! So happy to be here!