Here's more proof Twitter really IS the best way to get a company to give you personal customer service . . . because you're not just reaching out for service, you're also sharing your complaint PUBLICLY.


On Monday, a man in England tweeted Domino's with a problem.  Quote, "Hello.  I've just made love to one of your pizzas and burnt my penis severely.  Please advise on your terms for a refund.  Thanks."


And the person manning the Domino's U.K. Twitter account actually WROTE HIM BACK.  They APOLOGIZED, and gave him the email address for their head office.


But the guy wasn't done.  Then he told Domino's they should warn people of the dangers of having sex with pizza.  Again, they tweeted him back and said, quote, "we will look for a way to notify customers in the future."


Then the guy took it too far, and tweeted Domino's telling them the pizza wanted to perform a sex act on HIM.  Even THAT got aresponse, with Domino's telling him, quote, "That is not what is expected of our pizza.  We raised them better than that."


And with that, Domino's won . . . and the guy stopped tweeting them. 



(Daily Star)

photo credit: callme_crochet via photopin cc