Someone tell OPRAH!  The real danger isn't people texting while driving.  Apparently, one out of NINE people in this country are guilty of HUMPING WHILE DRIVING . . . and THAT'S frightening.

According to a new nationwide survey, 11% of Americans admit they've participated in SEXUAL ACTIVITY while driving.  Men were MUCH more likely to admit it than women . . . 17% of men say they've done it, versus 5% of women.

But . . . the survey also found people would be happy to GIVE UP SEX if it made driving easier.  27% of people say they'd give up sex if it got rid of traffic.

Of the people who've had sex while driving, 5% say they got into an ACCIDENT because of it.

The survey also found 4% of people have READ a BOOK or newspaper while driving . . . and 9% of them got into an accident in the process.

10% of people have put on makeup while driving, and 6% of them got into an accident.  9% have flirted with another driver in another car, and 2% of them got into an accident in the process.

Finally, 54% of people sing in their cars . . . and 30% pick their noses.



(Marketwatch / Scout GPS)