The dysfunctional JUDDS are at it again.  WYNONNA and ASHLEYare involved in a custody battle over Wynonna's daughter Grace.  Believe it or not, that's the simple part.  The rest of this is just bizarre.



In early November, Wynonna had someone, allegedly her ex-husband Arch Kelley, SECRETLY install a GPS tracking device in a car owned by Ashley . . . but driven by Grace. 



Grace found out about it when she took the car to a mechanic who discovered it and called the police.  They asked Ashley, and she knew it had to be her sister.  Naturally, Wynonna denied it, until she couldn't.



The device was traced back to a private investigator hired by Wynonna . . . and that's when she had to come clean.  She had her overpriced attorney admit to the police that she put it there because she was tracking her daughter.



According to the "Tennessean", no charges have been filed.