This is a list put together by women for what they find MORE romantic than their significant other spending money on them for Valentine's... just so you know.



Putting the bins out
Doing the dishes without being asked
Offering to make a cup of tea
Saying 'I love You'
Opening a door for her
Making the bed
Looking after the kids so my partner can go out
Listening to my partner talk or moan about her day without complaining
A kiss or hug goodbye
Leaving notes
Treating her to a day at the spa
Doing the ironing without being asked
Putting the toilet seat down
Agreeing to let them choose the film
Give her flowers or chocolates
Surprise night out or weekend away
Letting my partner take control of the TV remote
Clearing the toilets
Cleaning up after myself
Candlelit dinner
Remembering anniversaries or birthdays
Cooking dinner
Paying her a compliment       
Going for a walk together
Give her a massage or foot rub
Making breakfast in bed
Running her a bath
Doing the vacuuming
Putting a load of washing on
Go shopping or on a family day out with them instead of watching/playing football