Poll: Which Day Would You Want To Be Proposed To On?


 If you're planning on PROPOSING to your girlfriend on Christmas . . . and we're guessing at least a few of you are . . . we apologize in advance for making you even MORE nervous and anxious about how it's gonna go.



A new survey found that even though Christmas is the most popular holiday for proposals, a LOT of women don't think it's the ideal time to propose.



The survey found that 32% of women think Christmas Eve is the best day of the year for a proposal, and 13% think Christmas day is best.  So that's about half of women who are cool with a Christmas proposal.



BUT . . . 30% would rather you wait until Valentine's Day, 9% wish you'd wait until New Year's Eve, 5% wish you'd wait until New Year's Day, and a very strange 6% wish you'd wait until HALLOWEEN.



That being said . . . if you do propose on Christmas, I doubt she'd say no JUST because it's not Valentine's Day or Halloween.  Feeling confused?  Sorry.  Best of luck, big guy.