On Friday, 32-year-old Justin Harrel took his girlfriend, Eliana Rios, to Ackley Park in Elk City, Oklahoma, which is apparently famous for its Christmas display.  Then he dropped down on one knee to give her a perfect Christmas proposal.



There was just one problem.  Before he could ask her to marry him, a COP spotted him . . . and recognized him.



Turns out Justin has some outstanding warrants in two different counties for passing bad checks and the cops have been looking for him.



So the cop INTERRUPTED his proposal . . . and cuffed him.



Justin asked the cop if he could finish proposing before he hauled him off to jail.  And apparently, the cop was in the Christmas spirit too . . . because he said yes.



Justin finished the proposal, the cop reached into his pocket for him to pull out the ring, Eliana ALSO said yes . . . then Justin was taken to jail.  He's still locked up now.



(CBS 6 - Tulsa / ABC 5 - Oklahoma City