Skip over the internet profiles and all of those online photos of potential boyfriends/girlfriends.

A quicker, more efficient way to find the perfect mate is to simply go on loads of dates - and kiss everyone you meet... sort of.

‘Philematology’ is the science of kissing - and it’s full of clues to help us find the right person for us.

A kiss transmits tastes, smells, sounds and touch signals that all affect how you both perceive each other afterward - and whether you want a repeat performance.

If the DNA mix isn’t right, your neurons start sending loud ‘Back away! Person reversing!’ signals.

You might not know why you’ve suddenly gone off the person you’ve been lusting after for months but most of us obey what nature’s trying to tell us.

One US survey of 1000 college students found 59 per cent of men and 66 per cent of women weren’t attracted to someone they’d initially fancied after the first kiss.

It’s not just biological cues that can turn us off.

Have you ever been into someone until you kissed?