Most single guys are SLOBS.  So you'd think THAT would be the thing women hate most about moving in together.



But it didn't even make this list.  According to the website "Female First", here are the seven things women dread most about moving in with a guy.



1.  Being seen in non-sexy underwear.


2.  Letting him in on the crazy amount of effort it takes to look "good."  Like waxing your upper lip, dying your hair, and walking around with no make-up on.


3.  Him hearing you pass gas for the first time.


4.  Not having enough privacy when you're in the bathroom . . . which is kind of related to the last one.


5.  Having to deal with your time of the month while he's around.


6.  Catching him looking at porn.


7.  Having to confess that you have several SELF-PLEASURING devices.  Because he'll eventually find them if you don't fess up.



(Female First)