Back in May, a studyfound that people in OHIO swear the most.  And the same people just put out a new study . . . on how often we swear at BUSINESSES during customer service PHONE CALLS.  They looked at more than 1.2 million calls from the past two years.  Here are the top ten companies we swear at.



1.  Satellite TV providers . . . with one swear word every 82 calls.


2.  Contractors


3.  Cable companies


4.  Mechanics


5.  Tow truck companies


6.  Locksmiths


7.  Storage unit companies


8.  Exterminators


9.  Heating and air conditioning companies


10.  House cleaners



And we're LEAST likely to swear at veterinarians, with one swear word every 2,634 calls.



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