You know what makes someone who's stressed out get even MORE stressed out?  Telling them to calm down.  So I hate to do this, but . . . calm down.



A new survey on stress and women found that women hit their "stress peak" at age 34 . . . and are least stressed at age 25.  It also found that about seven out of eight women believe women are generally more stressed than men.



Here are the top 10 things that women stress out about . . .



1.  Not having enough money.


2.  Their health.


3.  The health of their friends and family.


4.  Their children's happiness.


5.  How they come across to other people.


6.  Whether they're attractive.


7.  Losing their looks.


8.  Whether their career is fulfilling enough.


9.  Spending enough time with friends.


10.  Their fitness level. 



(Daily Mail)