The Top 10 Status Symbols Today, and the Top 10 Status Symbols From the '80s

Obviously STATUS SYMBOLS change over time.  In the '70s, it meant having a round leopard-skin bed with a mirror on the ceiling.  For some reason, that's NOT still cool today.



A new survey asked people to name the top status symbols TODAY, then compared them to a similar survey from the 1980s.  Here are the top 10 status symbols today . . .



1.  A fancy car.


2.  A designer watch.


3.  A swimming pool.


4.  Flying first class.


5.  Owning a second home.


6.  Having a tennis court.


7.  Sending your kids to private school.


8.  Having a vacation home.


9.  A home with electric front gates.


10.  A nanny.



And only ONE of those things has stayed consistent since the '80s:  Sending your kids to private school. 



Here are the top 10 status symbols from the '80s . . . and they're mostly things we take for granted today.



1.  A car phone.


2.  A dishwasher.


3.  Sending your kids to private school.


4.  Having two cars.


5.  Going overseas for a vacation.


6.  Having a sunroom.


7.  Owning a horse.


8.  A color TV.


9.  Diamond jewelry.


10.  Having a cordless phone.



The survey also found people think a fancy house today costs at least $1 million . . . in the '80s, people thought a fancy house cost $78,000.