FULL STORY:  The Mega Millions jackpot tomorrow is worth $550 million . . . that's the fourth-highest jackpot in history.  Sounds like it would be the greatest Christmas present in history . . . like, WAY better than myrrh.



But there's a catch.  The Mega Millions odds are now WAY WORSE than they used to be.  It's because the system changed in late October.  You used to have to pick five numbers from one to 56.  Now you have to pick five numbers from one to 75.



You also have to pick the one Mega Millions number.  They actually reduced the choices for that . . . it used to be a number one through 46, now it's a number one through 15.



BUT . . . with these tweaks, the odds still got way worse.  They used to be one in 176 million . . . now they're one in 259 million.



On the plus side, that means the odds are lower that ANYONE will win . . . so the jackpot could keep going up.  It could be close to a BILLION DOLLARS right around Christmas.



(Los Angeles Times)