Taylor Swift is in some trouble in the  exclusive beachside community where she bought a $17.75 million dollar vacation home this  summer - building an enormous sea wall that has left local residents  furious.

After she bought the  largest and most lavish property in Watch Hill, Rhode Island -  – she began rebuilding a seawall on the  beach in front of the mansion.

The construction project, which began with no  public notice, has made some neighbors and longtime residents of the area  furious because it restricts access to a public beach and interferes with  fishermen and surfers who have been using the stretch of sand for generations. 

‘I don’t know how the hell they let her  do  this without approval or nothing,’ a furious Richard Bishop, 76, told MailOnline  as he climbed atop the wall to survey the development.

But I don't understand what they're pissed about if she is RESTORING the sea-wall that was there. Shouldn't they appreciate what she's doing? Besides. T-Swizzle is your neighbor!