When my wife was picking our wedding day it was simple- we just had to find out what Saturday the venue was available in August of 2013 and BOOKED THAT MUTHA!

This was a little more difficult for Shawna Cook when she picked Sunday, Feb. 2, as her special day.

"How about February 2nd? I thought 2-2, that's easy enough for my fiance to remember,"

Cook, who is from Renton, Wash., and is a big Seahawks fan, forgot one important thing about Feb. 2. It's SUPERBOWL SUNDAY and the Seahawks are in it!


So what's the couple going to do?:

"Kickoff is 3:30. Our ceremony starts at four o'clock," said Cook. "I immediately went online and I said, 'Oh, that moment that you realize you just planned your wedding on Super Bowl Sunday.'"

She said her friends were shocked. Her cousins told her there better be a big TV at the wedding. Cook said they plan to have a 60-inch-screen TV at their reception.

The couple wants to make the most of the mistake. They are embracing the idea of a Super Bowl wedding day.  

"We are commemorating the most awesome event in our life with the most awesome event in Seattle life," said Cook. "As soon as the ceremony is over, it is going to be Seahawks central for the next hour and a half."

I wonder how many of her family and friends are going to skip the wedding?