PARIS HILTONhas been making the rounds to hype her new "music" . . . but she doesn't seem to be enjoying herself.



In a radio interview yesterday, Paris was asked whether she regrets "1 Night in Paris", the sex tape that essentially launched her as a "celebrity."  And she didn't appreciate it.



She said, quote, "Well, that was not . . . anything to do with me.  I just dated a person who was a very sick man, who did that."  Of course, she's talking about her co-star, Rick Salomon.



Paris seemed annoyed, but stuck around for another minute.  When the interview was over, she hung up.  Or at least she THOUGHT she did.  But the line was still OPEN, and Paris could be heard LASHING OUT at the host.



She said, quote, "That guy's [an effing A-hole], I'm never doing that show again."  Her handler said he, quote, "can't believe they brought that crap up" . . . and that he "already put a call into them."



Paris also whined, quote, "They didn't even mention the song."


(Here's the interview)