A new survey asked women to name the top 50 fashion items they can't live without.  And apparently women need just about EVERYTHING . . . although naming FIFTY choices isn't exactly narrowing things down. 



Some of the items on the list are black leggings, a white blouse, a little black dress, a pencil skirt, pearl earrings, flip flops, pumps, a jean jacket, support underwear . . . like Spanx . . . and a bikini.



But the problem with a 50-item list is that it opens itself up to some RANDOM things finding their way on.



Some of the items that made the list that really DON'T seem to qualify as "fashion items women can't live without" are Ugg boots, a giant purse, white jeans, HOT PANTS, and a fake fur coat. 






(You can see the entire 50-item list here.)