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A woman who was 'dating' an older man who is pretty well off was shocked when he handed her a bill after she turned down his marriage proposal!

Marie Lacombe, 42, says she and 65-year-old Bruce Dusting were never  romantically involved.

But he clearly thought so-- claiming she led him on to extract money from him to fund Zumba  classes, shopping trips and even cosmetic surgery

A tearful Mr Dusting told Nine Network's A Current Affair: 'This Marie has just destroyed every  thought of humanity that I've had for other people.'

This all started 4 years ago when he began taking dance classes that she instructed. Which then turned to dinners and visits to her home and obviously more.

But all that changed when he asked her to marry him - and she turned him down.

Now he has handed her an  itemised bill outlining every single penny he ever gave her or spent on her  behalf, which comes to $160k