If you can put aside the skin-crawling creepiness here . . . this is actually pretty interesting. 



A website by PICK-UP ARTISTS . . . dedicated to the uncomfortable art of finding women to have sex with . . . put together a map ranking the countries of the world by how likely the women there are to have sex with you.



If we had to make some sweeping generalizations from it . . .



First-world countries are generally right in the middle, getting a rank of three out of five for "normal difficulty."  That includes the U.S., Canada, Australia, and most of western Europe.



Muslim countries are most likely to be ranked as a five out of five for the most difficulty.



And African and Caribbean countries are most likely to be ranked as a one out of five for the least difficulty.  Although Peru, Bolivia, and Thailand also got that ranking.



(Gawker / BroBible)



(You can see the interactive map here.)