If you're currently a single guy and you've got a good little text exchange going back and forth with a woman, here's some bad news.  You're not the only guy who's trying to land her.  There's another dude BATTLING you hard.



According to a new study, every single woman has an average of 1.4 guys trying to date her.  If the woman goes out at least twice a week, that jumps to 2.6 guys trying to date her.  And if she's REALLY HOT, it jumps to FOUR guys trying to date her.



Here are five other surprisingly useful findings from the study . . .



1.  73% of women now say the best way for a guy to contact them for the first time after they meet is . . . a text.  19% say call, 6% say find them on Facebook.


2.  46% of women would like it best if you got in touch with them the day after you met them.  30% say wait two days and 13% want to hear from you the same night.   Only 6% say it's okay to wait three days.


3.  But if you do wait . . . a woman will lose ALL interest after five days.  And that drops to TWO days if she's really hot.


4.  60% of women have flaked on a first date because the guy was too needy in texts.  44% have flaked because a guy talked dirty.


5.  Only 5% of women say it's important to kiss on a first date.



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