This is a good hypothetical question . . . even though we can guarantee with 100% certainty it will NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU.



Let's say you woke up tomorrow and realized you'd become a BILLIONAIRE overnight.  What's the first thing you would do?  Here are six of the best answers we've heard . . .



1.  Call a lawyer, accountant, and financial planner before talking to ANYONE else.


2.  Call work, quit, go back to sleep.


3.  Not call work, go back to sleep, and let them fire you.


4.  Obviously eat celebratory bacon for breakfast.


5.  Take the dog for a walk, because he has to pee first thing in the morning and doesn't care whether you've become a billionaire or not.  But I'd use that walk to think about things to do with a billion dollars, like hire a dog walker.


6.  Anyone who says "Call a lawyer" is wrong.  The FIRST thing you'd do is uncontrollably dance, laugh, and scream.