Injured Baltimore Ravens wide receiver JACOBY JONES got even MORE injured on Sunday night . . . when a stripper busted a liquor bottle over his head on a party bus.  (???)



Jacoby and some teammates hit the clubs in Washington, D.C. Sunday night after their win over the Houston Texans.  They were celebrating the birthday of offensive tackle BRYANT MCKINNIE.



They just HAPPENED to have strippers on the bus, and that was part of the problem.



Something happened . . . we don't know what . . . that caused an exotic dancer by the name of SWEET PEA to break a bottle over Jacoby's head.  A source says he was, quote, "bleeding everywhere."



One of Jacoby's friends tried to go after Sweet Pea, but McKinnie stepped in to defend her, and then THEY started fighting.  Apparently, McKinnie and Sweet Pea go way back.  They've reportedly known each other for the past 10 years.



Cops showed up, but nobody was arrested.  Jacoby wasn't injured too badly, because he didn't go to the hospital.



McKinnie's been in trouble before.  He was part of that Minnesota Vikings "sex cruise" scandal . . . in which he reportedly performed orally on a naked woman right on the bar.



In 2008, he started a brawl in a Miami nightclub by spitting on a bouncer.  And just last year he was sued for $375,000 in unpaid strip club bills.



Everyone involved in Sunday night's incident was at practice yesterday, and Ravens coach JOHN HARBAUGH lit into them.  At a press conference later he said this was, quote, "not something we wanna be known for."



He added, quote, "Nothing good happens after midnight."  (Here's video.)