Once upon a time . . . like a decade ago . . . people would joke that men NEVER have to fake it in bed.  Then some men started admitting that, yeah, sometimes they faked their climax when they were drunk or tired or whatever.



And now it's come to this . . . in a new survey, MORE MEN said they've faked an orgasm than women.  23% of men say they've faked it, versus 20.6% of women.



Men are also more likely to blurt out "I love you" during sex when they don't mean it. 25.4% of men say they've done it, versus 6.1% of women.



Both 6.25% of men and women say they've FAKED CRYING during sex.  Although the survey didn't get into WHAT inspired them to fake cry.



The survey also found that 8.3% of people aren't OPPOSED to cheating on someone . . . they're just too BUSY to have an affair.



And finally, about one in four people has a deal with their significant other where if they have a chance to get-it-on with a certain celebrity, they're allowed to. 



(Daily Telegraph)