If you dropped your phone into the SEWER, would you go down to save it?  Hopefully, no.  This girl said yes.



A 16-year-old girl named Ella Birchenough in Kent, England accidentally dropped her phone down a storm drain on Wednesday . . . and decided to go down into the drain to get it.  It was one of those drains by the curb with a narrow opening.




Unfortunately for Ella, that opening isn't human-sized . . . and she got STUCK with her legs in the drain, but her head and upper body sticking up into the street.



The fire department had to come and pull her out of the drain.  And, of course, people took photos.



Ella ended up being okay . . . but when the firefighters got her phone, it turned out it was completely destroyed.



It also turned out her phone was a Blackberry.  I mean, maybe you climb into the sewer for an iPhone . . . but a Blackberry? 



(The Guardian